CCI Computer Connections Inc.
#113 - 7350 72nd Street
Delta, BC, Canada
V4G 1H9

Tel: 604-940-1700
Fax: 604-940-1706

Vancouver, B.C. BXP41888| RF|  Royalty-Free/CORBIS
CCI is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Since 1985 we have developed a substantial network of over
250 trading partners  across North America and Europe.

In addition to our extensive dealer network, CCI has also established VAR status with several manufacturers and distributors of Software, Personal Computers, and Networking equipment.

Vancouver, B.C. BXP41888| RF|  Royalty-Free/CORBIS

Vancouver, B.C. BXP41888| RF|  Royalty-Free/CORBIS
As an independent dealer, CCI is not limited by manufacturer, equipment type, or current inventory positions.

This independence and our extensive dealer network ensures that whether you are buying, selling or upgrading new or used computer equipment CCI is a convenient, hassle free way to maximize your IS dollars.

CCI is in business to work with you on your hardware transactions, but we're not pushing specific products or services. When you're in the market to buy, sell or lease equipment, give us a call.