Why buy refurbished equipment from CCI?
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Price is obviously a major factor, pre-owned equipment costs less that new, usually 30-70% less ! But you only realy save money if the equipment you purchase works! Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice quality when you buy pre-owned equipment from CCI.

From an entire configurations down to individual features, the quality refurbished hardware CCI provides is guaranteed to qualify for your manufacturer’s standard maintenance agreement.

Refurbished equipment can also be a good fit when:

RF5378598| RF| © Royalty-Free/CORBIS
CB067402| RF| © Royalty-Free/CORBIS   You are adding to an exisiting environment and want to match your current hardware.
RF250550| RF| © Royalty-Free/CORBIS    The latest and greatest hardware is overkill for the solution required.
RF247013| RF| © Royalty-Free/CORBIS   You want to take advantage of the price / performance curve.
RF247013| RF| © Royalty-Free/CORBIS   You have need the equipment quickly.  We are able to find and deliver equipment fast.